A Leader's Presence


This week, we focus on the impact of a leader’s presence on teaching and learning.

  1. During an instructional walk, I describe in this post how I become a participant in a book discussion with 4th graders as they practiced their new roles.

  2. This post was a follow up to an initial response I shared around holding my assumptions at bay during a classroom visit.

  3. An explanation of instructional walks can be accessed at this blog post for Stenhouse.

  4. I followed up on the previous post by addressing tasks related to fostering professional relationships and improving home-school communication.

  5. When visiting classrooms, our first inclination should not be to evaluate instruction. In this post, I reflect on my own experience being observed.

  6. I am taking a course on instructional coaching and professional development. This resource was referenced today around leading adult learning.

  7. The previous resource summarizes the research of Robert Kagen, author of Immunity to Change.

  8. For an acolyte of Kagen’s work, explore Jennifer Garvey Berger’s website on simple habits for complex times.

  9. A book that sparked my reading interest during today’s instructional course session is Tell Me So I Can Hear You by Drago-Severson and Blum-DeStefano.

  10. If looking for a practical resource on making your leadership visible to specific staff members, check out Having Hard Conversations by Jennifer Abrams.