Assessment That Educates


This week we explore how assessment can be leveraged as an opportunity to learn and not just evaluate.

  1. I came across a copy of Educative Assessment by Grant Wiggins in a college’s lending library. What a find! I’m about 1/3 through it, and I already believe it is a classic resource full of relevant ideas. It hasn’t seemed to age.

  2. What is your definition of “balanced literacy”? I share mine here, along with a slice of life from a 3rd grade classroom (my conference with a writer).

  3. Our striving readers can be positioned as contributors and resourceful for classroom peers, notes Tammy Mulligan in this Nerdy Book Club blog post.

  4. Franki Sibberson shares a process for developing a writing unit of study, including collaborative assessment processes, in this Choice Literacy article.

  5. As a literacy leader, my time in classrooms is mostly devoted to supporting teacher development through instructional walks, a strengths-oriented approach to professional growth. Click here for the latest video example (subscribers only).

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We post a new wondering to discuss every Wednesday at 7 P.M. CST. What questions do you have related to literacy instruction and/or school leadership? Submit your suggestions in the comments below; maybe we will use it!