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Better Newsletters: How to Use ChatGPT to Support and Scaffold Your Writing

PD Cast

As a literacy leader, writing is a critical skill.

  • We need to frequently communicate our organization’s beliefs and values.

  • We avoid misunderstandings when what we share and post is clear.

  • If we expect our students and teachers to be writers…

So where does one start?

Consider employing ChatGPT as your writing assistant.

In this video, you will see how this large language model (LLM) can:

  • Give you general writing ideas as a starting point.

  • Provide feedback on a first draft you’ve developed.

  • Generate templates from favorite articles to use as models for your own writing.

This brief demonstration will show you how to be more intentional with ChatGPT: using frames, following up on initial responses, and asking for options instead of specific answers.

Would a mini-course on how to build and sustain a professional newsletter be of interest to you? Let me know your thoughts in the brief survey linked below.


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