Celebration and Change


This week we focus on celebration and change.

  1. In my first post this week, I describe a process of reflection the staff and I facilitated based on our shared beliefs about literacy.

  2. The “Four Stages of a Learning Progression” document was a popular tool that readers could download; you can access it here.

  3. This work is heavily influenced by the Regie Routman in Residence professional development program. When other school leaders ask me “What program do you use?”, I recommend this one.

  4. Examining beliefs and practices is an effective way to ensure equity in schools. Regie Routman wrote about why equity matters in this article for CCIRA.

  5. Earlier this year, I wrote a post in which I shared a story of a student’s low expectations for himself and related the short experience to the importance of connecting beliefs and practices.

  6. Today, I wrote a post that offered three simple ways for celebrating our teachers. How do you recognize faculty members? Share in the comments!

  7. Celebration is an essential part of building trust schoolwide. Contributor Michelle Olson wrote a post this summer on the topic of trust in schools.

  8. This New York Times opinion piece by David Kirp addresses trust and relationships as essential for change vs. a business model used in schools.

  9. An Education Week article came to my attention also touching on the importance of supporting teachers as they do the best they know how in the classroom.

  10. I thought this short research article from Harvard Business Review offered a helpful strategy when guiding people through change.