Equity as Stance


In this newsletter, I share posts and resources related to developing an equity mindset as teachers and leaders.

  1. Starting in June, we will be reading The Listening Leader: Creating the Conditions for Equitable School Transformation by Shane Safir. You can learn more about this online learning experience here.

  2. To preview The Listening Leader, you can read the first chapter for free.

  3. I learned about Shane’s work in the Educational Leadership article, Becoming a Warm Demander.

  4. Equity becomes more of a reality when a school’s belief system is both aligned and calibrated with high expectations. In this post, I briefly shared our school’s work in examining our own beliefs about reading instruction.

  5. Regie Routman devotes a whole section of her book Literacy Essentials to equity. Check out all of the articles from last year’s study of her book here.

  6. To explore equity from a literacy coach’s perspective, we read Jennifer Allen’s book Becoming a Literacy Leader in 2017. All posts are available here.

  7. We can start taking a stance toward equity with little shifts in our classrooms. One idea, which I describe here, is to reframe our learning targets as questions to be explored with students.

  8. In this blog post for Two Writing Teachers, Lanny Ball also rethinks learning targets in the context of writers workshop.

  9. Ball references another article about the limitations created by learning targets by Melanie Ralph on the blog Lustre Education.

  10. I wrote a post in 2015 that describes my rethinking of student engagement after observing a highly collaborative math lesson. Authentic student discussion is a great strategy for trying to ensure an equitable education.