Focusing On What Matters


In this newsletter, we highlight the importance of focus in our literacy leadership work.

  1. Are we really hearing what someone is saying? Rita Platt discusses “mature empathy” in this post as it relates to our choice for our summer book study, The Listening Leader by Shane Safir.

  2. In a past blog post, I described empathy as “the most critical skill for being an effective educator”. Would you agree or disagree?

  3. Paige Bergin reflects in this post about her work in practicing deep listening as an instructional coach.

  4. In this Mindshift article, Katrina Schwartz reports about schools banning smartphones because they have become such a distraction to student learning.

  5. What are your thoughts on staff meetings? Jen McDonough offers strategies for making meetings more meaningful for colleagues in this post.

  6. Planning your tasks and prioritizing your work are two strategies suggested in this Harvard Business Review article about avoiding burnout in your job.

  7. It helps to have a process for being intentional and focused in our conversations with colleagues, as described by Annie Palmer in this post.

  8. Looking for a resource to help you prioritize your days? Consider The Together Leader by Maia Heyck-Merlin, a resource I reviewed for Middleweb.

  9. Warren Buffet’s productivity habits were profiled in this Medium post, titled “Really Successful People Say No to Almost Everything”.

  10. Why don’t schools focus on literacy? I explored this question in this blog post from 2017.

Just joining us for the summer book study? You can find all of our responses to The Listening Leader so far linked at this page on the blog.