Knowing Literacy


This week we look at the importance of leaders knowing literacy.

  1. The heading for this newsletter comes from the book of the same title by Peter Johnston (Stenhouse, 1997). It is a longer resource than his more recent publications; it was helpful for me in undertanding this discipline.

  2. In this article, I challenge the belief that principals can accurately evaluate their teachers without knowing the students and the content (especially literacy).

  3. I am aiming to read more fiction this year…just finished The Dinner by Herman Koch. Hard to put down but also hard to read at times. Yesterday I started Cold Mountain by Charles Frazier, recommended by my mother.

  4. Another small yet engaging discussion was hosted this past Wednesday at 7 P.M., this time around the topic of students’ book boxes and assessment.

  5. No one person has all the knowledge about anything. That’s why it is important to surround ourselves with others who will bring new perspectives to challenging tasks, note the authors of this article for Harvard Business Review.

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