Lead Reader


This week I share about my reading history and how it influences my personal and professional life.

  1. What books shaped you as a reader? I highlight three titles in this post from my K-12 education experience.

  2. I’ve shared this already, but worth repeating: a book that persuaded me to pursue the principalship is Improving Schools From Within by Roland Barth.

  3. Ever wondered what school leadership truly entails? You might appreciate reading the vignettes from Repositioning Educational Leadership: Practitioners Leading From an Inquiry Stance.

  4. I attended the Wisconsin State Reading Association Convention last week. In this post, I describe author Matt de la Peña’s session and how he “writes from the outside”.

  5. A book I believe should be in every K-12 classroom is Matt de la Peña’s award-winning picture book, Last Stop on Market Street.

  6. Other worthy titles by the author include Love and Carmela Full of Wishes. These books could be read aloud at the beginning of a staff meeting or professional development session before discussing topics such as equity and diversity.

  7. This morning I shared about the importance of teaching literacy from the middle in this post. The example I describe is a lesson on debate and persuasive writing.

  8. A recommended professional resource for teachers looking to embed speaking and listening plus persuasive techniques into their instruction is Good Thinking by Erik Palmer.

  9. Related, check out Deep Discourse by Sandy Novak and Cara Slattery. One of our teachers is exploring it right now and is finding it helpful.

  10. Recent read alouds with my kids include Black and Blue Magic by Zilpha Keatley Snyder (my son) and Nevermoor: The Trials of Morrigan Crow by Jessica Townsend (my daughter).

What books have shaped you as a person and a professional? What are you reading right now? Please share in the comments.