Leading from Within


This week we examine the capacity for leadership within ourselves.

  1. The posts shared in this newsletter edition are all thoughtful responses to our summer book club choice, The Listening Leader: Creating the Conditions for Equitable School Transformation by Shane Safir.

  2. Rita Platt asks herself, “Am I listening?”, in this reflective post. She differentiates between listening and telling leadership.

  3. Rita points us toward a blog post she wrote for Middleweb as an example of listening leadership in action (she reflects on her first year as a principal).

  4. Virginia Soukup speaks openly about a personal challenge which relates to her professional growth in this post about mindful listening.

  5. Social studies teacher Mark Levine wrote once a day for a year about mindful literacy on his blog - an impressive effort.

  6. Artist Austin Kleon uses the metaphor of a garden in this post to examine the conditions necessary for creativity and knowing oneself a little better.

  7. In his newsletter, Kleon also references this post, “Bring Out Your Blogs” by Marc Weidenbaum, about the benefits of blogging for reflection and self-development.

  8. Jamie Cicconetti is reminded about the importance of being listened to (after a challenging interaction with her young child) in this post.

  9. Jennifer McDonough implements ideas from The Listening Leader to improve her capacity as an instructional coach in this post, especially around asking questions.

  10. In this article found on Medium, Kris Gage reflects on what she has learned after reading 50 books a year for seven years.

Just joining us for the book study? Check out all of the published posts in response to The Listening Leader so far by clicking here.