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In this newsletter, I highlight the importance of process as an essential part of the learning experience in schools.

  1. A cross cut from a tree trunk is in our school. Where did it come from? In this post, I share this brief story and how it relates to the importance of engagement when teaching anything.

  2. The quote I shared in the previous post comes from Flow: The Psychology of Optimal Experience by Mihaly Csikszentmihalyi. If you haven’t read it, put it on your to-read list.

  3. Chicago schools have experienced improvement by training their principals to focus on inputs instead of only outputs, i.e. test scores, in this article for Education Next.

  4. Only 8% of people meet their goals. Why? Check out some of the process strategies for success in this article for Inc.

  5. I recently did a demonstration for my faculty, modeling how to write an introduction to a unit of study. You can see my draft, errors and all, here.

  6. How do we get people to change? I try to answer that question in this post.

  7. I reference Trish Hall’s Writing to Persuade in the previous post, an excellent resource for aspiring and practicing writers, as well anyone looking to be more influential within the communities they participate.

  8. I like reading the Twitter timelines of people I admire. Trish Hall posted this interview with Wendell Berry for The New Yorker and this essay by Arthur C. Brooks for The Atlantic, both about knowing our limits.

  9. Before asking for people to change, organizations need to examine their beliefs and make real commitments toward priorities. I wrote a brief post on this topic earlier this year.

  10. You must read this op-ed for The New York Times by Pamela Paul, about what educators and parents should do to raise lifelong readers. Two tips: put away the gold stars and model what real readers do in front of our kids.

I am currently writing an eBook on instructional walks. If you are interested in previewing the text with the goal of providing feedback, let me know (click here and fill out the form on the page). Reviewers will receive a free copy of the book when it’s completed and they will be recognized in the text.