Professional Learning Through Listening


In this newsletter, I share posts and other resources on listening as a key skill for effective professional learning.

  1. Ryanne Deschane reflects on her inherent privilege in this post and how her reality has influenced her perspective as a teacher striving for equity.

  2. The writer referenced in the previous post is Mihn Lê, author of children’s books Drawn Together, Let Me Finish, and The Perfect Seat. Learn more at his website:

  3. I discovered this Medium article by Zat Rana, “The Purpose of Life is to Be a Nobody”. I found it helpful in reminding me not to take myself too seriously.

  4. Carrie Thomas shares her experience in this post of listening to parents through community walks for the Play Street initiative in Philadelphia.

  5. Allison Zmuda and Bena Kallick offer several ideas for teachers to build relationships at the beginning of the year in this post at Learning Personalized.

  6. Do we have a professionalism problem? Rita Platt explores this wondering in her post that connects with our summer study, The Listening Leader by Shane Safir.

  7. Last year I wrote about engagement in professional learning, specifically on listening to teachers while balancing the need for schoolwide coherence.

  8. This article in The New York Times describes an initiative where children’s books are placed in common locations such as laundromats to promote a love for reading.

  9. Is equity a journey or a destination? I wrote a post yesterday advocating for the former, sharing our school’s ELA results and exploring ideas to utilize “street data” to better inform our work.

  10. Shane Safir discusses street data more in depth for this Education Week article.