Time and Attention


This week we explore the tasks we choose to engage in with our limited time.

  1. The title for this week’s newsletter derives from my blog post on Monday (the two things I believe learners want most from their leaders).

  2. So many books, so little time…how do we ensure there is a good match between reader and text? Something I consider in this short video.

  3. Dan Pink recommended the article, “How will you measure your life?” by the late Clayton Christianson in his newsletter. It’s worth your time to read.

  4. Marina Rodriguez wrote a heartwarming blog post on Two Writing Teachers, The Writing on the Wall, advocating for a student-centered literacy culture.

  5. How should we best structure our time within PLCs? (subscribers only)

Thanks for signing up and reading. I’ll be attending and presenting at the Wisconsin State Reading Association convention next week. If you will be there too, maybe we can connect!