Feedback That Fortifies


In this edition, we examine the importance of feedback in improving teaching and learning.

  1. The above quote comes from Lorna Earle, cited by Cris Tovani in her excellent book on assessment, So What Do They Really Know? Assessment That Informs Teaching and Learning (Stenhouse, 2011).

  2. Check out this YouTube video in with Cris Tovani speaks with coaching guru Samantha Bennett about the aforementioned book on formative assessment.

  3. When is feedback most effective? I offer a list of preferred conditions in this post.

  4. In this article about feedback for Educational Leadership, Dylan Wiliam notes that “it all comes down to the relationship between the teacher and the student.”

  5. Feedback alone does not ensure professional learning - a culture of risk-taking and clarity about the work is critical, shares Elena Aguilar in her article for Education Week.

  6. Speaking of clarity, I describe how one teacher models for her students what it means to be a lifelong reader in this post.

  7. Assessment is messy. I prove this point in my conferring notes that I took while conferring with a 5th grader about their reading in this video.

  8. Part of my action research project, described in this article, is gathering feedback from my teachers about how I am doing providing…feedback.

  9. Are you a principal and considering action research? Check out Nancy Fitchman Dana’s resource Leading with Passion and Knowledge (Corwin, 2009).

  10. In this post, Jamie Cicconetti relates her experience as a parent with the importance of trust when working with professionals.

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  • Conferring with readers and writers requires time and investment in the relationship with each student. I share two examples of rich conversations with kids about their literacy work in this article.

  • How do we best support students to become lifelong, independent readers? Join the conversation here. I also share some of the books I am reading in the embedded video.