Sep 29, 2020 • 20M

How to Make Teacher Supervision and Evaluation Work with Rachael Gabriel and Sarah Woulfin

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A monthly podcast about literacy instruction and school leadership
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What counts as “good”? This question gets at the heart of engaging in productive conversations as we describe effective literacy instruction. We explore that inquiry in this episode with Rachael Gabriel and Sarah Woulfin, authors of Making Teacher Evaluation Work: A Guide for Literacy Teachers and Leaders (Heinemann, 2017).

During our conversation, we discussed:

  • why people get stuck on singular definitions for anything in education,

  • how we can use our mismatches between beliefs and practices as entry points for professional inquiry,

  • the larger role of schools in society and how that complicates things, and

  • taking a more mindful approach to supervision in an era of accountability.

You can purchase Rachael’s and Sarah’s excellent book here.

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