Supporting Teachers and Students


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  1. In this blog post, I share a conversation I had with one of my teachers about the power of writing.

  2. Phi Delta Kappan conducted a poll on the public’s attitude toward public schools; the summary includes reasons why teachers leave the profession.

  3. One of the best ways principals can support teachers in the classroom is through instructional walks, a process I wrote about here. (subscribers only)

  4. Regie Routman coined the term “instructional walks”, described in this article for Phi Delta Kappan.

  5. You can view an example of an instructional walk I conducted in my school here, a brief kindergarten letter study lesson. (subscribers only)

  6. Ryder Carroll’s interview with Cal Newport will cause you to rethink the value of social media for professional learning and always being connected.

  7. The Washington Post highlighted how students were empowered to create digital maps to help with humanitarian efforts thousands of miles away.

  8. Developing teacher-student relationships may be more effective than active shooter drills for school safety, reported here by Anya Kamenetz for NPR.

  9. I wrote about building classroom libraries with students in 2013 - also a great way to also build relationships and community.

  10. One of my teachers shared these reading conference forms with me, developed by educators from Red Wing Public Schools in Minnesota.

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