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The Science of Reading and the Media: A Conversation with Maren Aukerman

The Science of Reading and the Media: A Conversation with Maren Aukerman


Several esteemed colleagues and I engaged in a question-and-answer session with Maren Aukerman around her three articles for the Literacy Research Association:

Featured Guest Bio

Dr. Maren Aukerman is a Werklund Research Professor at the University of Calgary who focuses on literacy education and democratic citizenship. She studies educational ethics, how youth engage with information in the media, and the preparation of students for responsible citizenship and democratic dialogue, particularly in the context of literacy education. Previously, Maren taught in an elementary classroom and has a background in bilingual education.

Esteemed Colleagues Who Joined Us

Key Questions + Time Stamps

  • Are you receiving pushback on your articles? If so, what's been a main critique or two? (6:59)

  • What other ways can we be open-minded about this topic and to help others be the same? (13:16)

  • How do we stop that (SoR) movement, from an idea into our schools changing overnight? (21:03)

  • Where is the role of engagement, and motivation, and attribution theory, all these other things that we know? (29:58)

  • We want to promote all voices and appreciate the nuances, and a truly research-based view of learning to read, and teaching reading. Where can we find that? (41:45)

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