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Twitter Chats and Educational Dialogues: Inside the World of #G2Great

Twitter Chats and Educational Dialogues: Inside the World of #G2Great

A Conversation with Dr. Mary Howard

Ever since the advent of the Internet, professional development for educators has become more prominent online.

Teachers and school leaders found a home in Twitter. It’s been a source of knowledge and a facilitator of long-lasting connections, even friendships. How can educators use this platform today for professional learning, especially with its current challenges?

In my conversation with Dr. Mary Howard, author of RtI From All Sides and Good to Great Teaching (affiliate links), we talk about this social media platform, including:

  • The upcoming #g2great discussion on Twitter around Regie Routman’s new book The Heart-Centered Teacher (affiliate link),

  • How to engage in a Twitter chat, and

  • What the future may hold for online professional learning.

Listeners will walk away with a greater appreciation for continuous improvement as literacy leaders.

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Looking for more learning?

Check out the video archive of my conversation with Mary.

You will find a brief guide for how to engage in a Twitter chat. In addition, I provided an original article on how to apply a modern framework for digital learning in classrooms and school for full subscribers. Sign up today!