Read by Example
Read by Example
Intentional Learning: Beyond Resolutions in Education

Intentional Learning: Beyond Resolutions in Education

Exploring Teaching, Leading, and Reading for Professional Growth

As the new year begins, Debra Crouch, Vivian Chen and I avoided the usual focus on resolutions in this professional conversation.

Instead, we emphasized good intentions in our professional practice.

Our discussion begins with a sharing of our current to-read lists, a mix of fiction and non-fiction books relevant to education, personal development, and broader societal issues.

We then delved into the concept of transforming lessons into recipes, exploring the nuances of teaching methods, the importance of adaptability in education, and the potential of professional development.

The conversation concludes with reflections on how these insights can be applied in our immediate professional contexts in ways that support teaching and learning.

Key Insights and Quotes:

Debra Crouch

  • Insight: Emphasizes the balance between planning and responsiveness in teaching.

  • Quote: "You could never plan some of those moments that were happening based on what kids were saying."

Vivian Chen:

  • Insight: Points out the significance of collaborative learning and observing the impact of teaching practices.

  • Quote: "I need somebody to be there to look for the kid's twinkle in their eyes, to see what it was (that led to student engagement and learning)."

Matt Renwick:

  • Insight: Highlights the critical role of experience and reflection in developing teaching expertise.

  • Quote: "When you cook for 20 years, you just develop a ‘with-it-ness’, a ‘I know I can substitute this for that.’"

Listeners will walk away with a greater understanding for the conditions that go into thoughtful and intentional education practices, as well as the importance of adaptability and continuous learning in our field.

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