Matt - Just listened to the podcast and read the text version. What jumped out at me was your insight into the way we look at teaching and learning. You stated: “Brian, how you describe the way you thought about reading comprehension and creating meaning from an acquired model to a constructive model.” In my opinion you nailed a central pivot point where we are, or can be, to bring about a paradigm shift that is in the interests of all learners. These days I’ve been listening to educators and “observers of education” discuss reading comprehension, and they are clearly discussing it from an « acquired » sense rather than from a « constructive » sense. My position is based on something Brian shared with me. And that is — I can quickly assess « reading comprehension » or the way I prefer to view it as « constructing meaning » through a « retelling. ». This to me is an example of the difference between the two paradigms — the one of the past which is « I want you to see what I see » verses a more sophisticated and more growth producing orientation of « I want to hear what you think OR I want to hear your take on what you just read. »

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