To be an active and contributing member of society, people need to be literate.

This is why education matters, and why a good education matters even more.

As a former teacher and current public school principal, I strive to make sense of the educational landscape with regard to reading, writing, communicating and thinking. On Friday I publish one original article around literacy instruction in the context of leadership for a changing world, along with recommended reading + resources. Additionally, I post an interview with an author or educator once a month.

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Literacy educator Regie Routman came to the following conclusion about what works for schoolwide literacy success:

“Teachers need to be leaders, and leaders need to know literacy.”

(From: Read, Write, Lead: Breakthrough Strategies for Schoolwide Literacy Success, ASCD)

The combination is essential for all students to succeed in school and in life. The goal of this newsletter is to continue the conversation around this important topic.


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